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crazycrownieguy: Link to flickr group www.flickr.com/groups/2765604@N23/ Jul 16, 2015 16:09:08 GMT -5
crazycrownieguy: We do have a flickr group, which will be kept up. I will also be putting together a site/blog with all the cage info, if this site ends up going down. Jul 16, 2015 16:08:24 GMT -5
Kilvane Frost: I can't believe it's over :( Do we have a Flikr group? We should keep it open - I know I'm going to continue Kilvane's story. Jul 14, 2015 16:36:35 GMT -5
Henry of Centuri: Good bye Klegon :'( Jul 12, 2015 21:55:02 GMT -5
BrickNinja: Hey all! GC2 is up! Go check it out! May 20, 2015 10:00:39 GMT -5
crazycrownieguy: That was on the list, any others? May 12, 2015 21:53:40 GMT -5
lego3364!: Terras please, :D May 12, 2015 9:46:54 GMT -5
crazycrownieguy: Hey, does anyone have any particular planet requests that they would like me too do? May 11, 2015 14:50:16 GMT -5
lego3364!: Yeah N-11 Ordo, a little chat box that wasn't require to refresh your page. :P May 11, 2015 14:28:13 GMT -5
crazycrownieguy: Also, be sure to look at the GC forum, GC2 should be posted before the end of may. May 10, 2015 16:32:09 GMT -5
crazycrownieguy: For anyone that pays attention, I have added a couple more planets, and done some work on the system thread, I should be done with Alpha centuri, Plutus Proxima, and possibly Terran in the next two weeks or so, and will post system maps soonish. May 10, 2015 16:31:32 GMT -5
N-11 Ordo: Well, well, this might be useful for keeping up activity ;) May 10, 2015 11:49:52 GMT -5
lego3364!: Pretty sure it's anyone. May 10, 2015 8:55:59 GMT -5
crazycrownieguy: I kind of like it, you know if only staff can use it or anyone? May 7, 2015 23:08:46 GMT -5
lego3364!: Yeah, might be an easier way just to chat. Express Opinions May 7, 2015 15:27:55 GMT -5 *
crazycrownieguy: Hmm, seems possibly useful May 7, 2015 15:01:08 GMT -5
lego3364!: Well, I enabled this "Shout" box. Yay or Nay? May 7, 2015 11:46:16 GMT -5